Marie Callendar's Cabo San Lucas Chicken Caesar Salad


I’m new to this forum, so please excuse me if this is something that’s already been asked - I didn’t find it on a search.

Has anyone ever figured out the recipe for Marie Callendar’s Cabo San Lucas Chicken Caesar Salad? I love this salad, and would really like to know how to make it. I’m especially at a loss when it comes to the dressing, or maybe it’s the cheese, that’s a little on the spicy side?

I would very much appreciate any help that you can give me!




I am trisha and i am new here. Thank you for letting me join your community.
I would like to know where to find Cabo San Lucas Chicken Salad

I am sure of what it is but it taste like it may be ranch with chili power. That is just my guess. I cant swear to it.

Hey there, I worked at Marie’s for 10 years. It’s Caesar dressing with cajun seasoning.