McCormick's Recipe Inspirations

This is a recent product introduced in the spice isle.
They offer spices in the correct amounts to produce an above average meal.
I think its a great product to get people into using seasonings for flavor.
Even me. I choose to purchase their spice pack cause it was for “Apples & Sage Pork Chops”, which included allspice. I have over 50 spices, but not that one. Was cheaper to buy their spice pack ($1.86), than to buy a bottle of allspice.
They seem to have about 10 such dinner spice packets. I’ve tried a few. Up to one’s taste really. I didn’t like the “Apples & Sage Chops”, was way too sagey…
Did try the Spanish Chicken, was unique…still, it provides a good base for adjustments.

I noticed those in the aisle and wondered about them. I have lots of spices but sometimes have to purchase a jar of spice to use for a recipe. And I have had to throw out expensive jars of spice when I don’t use them up before their expiration. Thanks for postng about this.

I may be out of the ball park but I have spices way past their expiration and as long as they still smell right and not musty or gone off I still use them. Maybe it is the condition that they are stored, I keep mine in a drawer away from the stove) or climate (very temperate here across the pond) but when I first moved to here many of the spices and herbs that I was used to using were not available to me here. The supermarkets now seem to carry many of them like cardamon seed, Juniper Berries and celery seed.

I am thankful that many are available in smaller packaging.

KW, Does anyone have a recipe for CROW. I had some this afternoon after tossing the contents of sixteen bottles of Mc Cormick’s and Spice Islands 's herbs and spices that I have not used in the last few years or already had unopened replacements. I even vacuumed out my spice drawer. I will now only purchase new of what I use all of the time.

Many people here enjoy sugared ginger and eat it like candy. I take a piece and cut it inhalf and add it to a tea ball with other herbs and spices and use it like a bouquet garni. I had read somewhere that ginger MARRIES other spices and so have been doing this for many years. Ginger root wouild not last long enough whereas I put this “candy” in a jar and it keeps for quite a while.

Thank you. I have learned my lesson.

For best results whole spices should be used within one year after opening and powdered spices within nine months after being opened. They begin to lose their potency after that, even though they might not smell musty or “off.” I am sure you can still use them if they have expired but I alway aim for the best possible results when cooking or baking. Some grocery stores where I live sell spices bulk, and you can purchasrs as little as a tablespoon or as much as a pound.

Thank you, I will future date the ones that I have opened today and watch more carefully. Here some of the herbs and spices are sold in two small packets in a box. I have saved and treasured my spice jars from Mc Cormick so that I can refill them. The openings on the jars here are way too large.

My favourite is Juniper Berries which I use with beef and lamb when they are cooked in liquid. I have a very small mortar and pestle to crush these berries or for other whole spices, use an electric coffee grinder just for them.

Ya’ know the one spice I think is the most over looked ? Black pepper !
Everyone thinks it lasts forever.
Ever notice the difference between fresh cracked pepper and all ready been ground months or years ago ?
Most average people just think pepper is about heat. Coz pretty much, thats all thats left in the pepper shaker. The flavor and aroma oils left the shaker before it was even filled.
Currently I’ve been on the look out for other forms of peppercorns, coz I saw them in a cooking show, and I’ve not seen them in the grocery stores.
But as of late, some of the spice companies are selling black peppercorns in disposable grinders. Found em in a closeout store for $1 apiece, so got a bunch and have been passing then out to neighbors, friends, etc. You’d be surprized how many have converted to fresh cracked pepper only.

I agree about pepper…I always thought regular pepper out of a shaker tastes like dry pepper dust. I purchase peppercorns in the disposable grinders, the smallest size available. It tastes freshest that way, and we use it up before it begins to dry out.

Hahaha KW…

Long ago, on one of the cooking shows, I forget which or even by whom said it, but he asked the question; “Do you know why they sell grated parmesan cheese in those cardboard containers ?”
Coz the cheese tastes like cardboard anyways…LOL

well, here I am again
A lady neighbor of mine, just showed me that she bought McCormick’s Chicken Marsala packet. Ok, I touted them.
But upon reading this packet, I’m having some doubts. Clearly, McCormick is pushing their spices. This one includes:
McCormick’s…Minced Garlic, Minced Onion, Coarse ground pepper, Basil leaves, and Parsley flakes. All of which I know would be better to be fresh.
So OK, McCormick is pushing their own products. Was a sad realization !
Still, it got my neighbor into trying something new, so I guess its a good thing.
Still, I have fresh garlic, fresh onions, fresh cracked pepper, fresh basil, and fresh parsley. Am wondering just how much she will be missing ?