meal bars

anyone eat meal bars from south beach living foods? they have these peanut butter ones that are great. they take away my hunger and really hit the spot. anyone eat meal bars as well? i normally eat then when i am running late and have no time to prepare myself an actual meal.

:smiley: Yep, they’re really good. I also get the peanut butter Atkins ones at our local Sam’s Club. I like the convenience of bars when I have to leave the house early and don’t want to get up even earlier to make breakfat and clean up before I leave. Just munch a bar in the car. :lol: And no unhealthy trans-fats!

yeah i couldnt agree more. Just to let you know, you can actually save with the south beach living foods meal bars too! they have a coupon for $2 off. here is the link

yeah, they have no high fructose corn syrup either, which is a huge plus!

No dude i have not tried it let me try it out this time,