measuring shredded cheese

Some recipes call for measuring cheese by the cup ;others use oz. I’ve seen when they combine the two it is not what im use to. 1 cup=8oz normally, but with cheese 1 cup is 16oz. Why the difference???

Yeah, ounces is one of those either or things. Ya’ see, oz. is a weight measure, and oz. is also a liquid measure, and they of course, are not the same.
So cheese is measued by weight when sold, but when shredded, it is measure in volume (liquid) measure.
Strange, huh ?
Oh by the way, 4ozs (1/4lb.) of shredded cheese is 8ozs (1cup)

I also don’t buy shredded cheese. It has some anti-clumping stuff added to it. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t need it. Besides that, shredded cheese is more expensive.