Meat Smell ?

I just some ground beef from the store. I opened the package and it smelled like Eggs. The sulphur smell just does not smell right to me, this is the first time I have come across this from ground beef or any meat for that matter.

Are there things that can cause this smell? Cow’s diet maybe or is the meat just bad?

Trying to get some information on this, the store had no clue. I returned the meat cause I Was on sure.

Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance

Meat, & fish & seafood that are fresh should have no smell. What you were smelling is an indication of an older or spoiled product. I’m glad you returned it!

Also, I've been taught that ground meat should never be held in the frig for more than 24 hours so if you purchase & don't use it right away, please send it to the freezer & thaw in the frig.  

Ground meat of any type comes from cuts of meat that have been in the meat show case for several days & the surface might have contracted bacteria. Once the meat is ground, the bacteria is spread throughout the package, resulting in rapid spoilage, thus the need to not hold ground meat for a long period of time.

(P.S. I’m the grand-daughter & niece, & cousin of successful butchers)

When I was in Culinary school, we were told that one of the possibilities for this smell was the air being trapped when the meat was being sealed…and it’s called a “bloom” it’s not really a very good thing and you are better off just to not trust it…