Meatloaf Help

Hi All!
Am planning on making a meatloaf for guests, but need help with my timing. After my guests arrive we are all going for a long walk to look at the Christmas lights. If we are gone for about 1 1/2 hours can I just cook the meatloaf at a lower temperature for that long?

How big is your meatloaf? How many pounds of ground beef?

what is your oven temp? also - you can use a crockpot

2 lbs–is that enough for 6? I like the crockpot idea, does it hold it’s shape ok?

the crockpot would be your best bet - I make 2 to 3 lb. meatloaves in my 6 qt. and they turn out just fine - the pot is oval and I shape the meatloaf oval and slice right in the crockpot - no problems

another thought - make it a day ahead of time - refrigerate it overnight then slice and put into a sauce or gravy in your crockpot to warm up the next day - no one will know the difference

Thanks so much will try the crockpot. Also, can I put together my macaroni & cheese casserole the day before and not cook it until the next day?

Yes - make your mac and cheese, place in your baking dish, cover and refrigerate. You can add a crumb or cracker topping before baking.

BTW - you can use more ground beef than just 2 lbs. Make it as big as you want - you can always slice and freeze it for future meals!