Meatloaf with Creole Sauce

For the meatloaf I use 3 pounds of ground beef.
Mix in 1/2 liter of V8 juice.
1TBSP. 5 Spice,
1TBSP. Ginger,
1TBSP. Nutmeg
1TBSP. Cinnamon.
2 Tsp. salt ( Have used as little as 1 tsp. due to the spice in the V8)
1 Tsp. pepper.
Enough fine bread crumbs to bind all of these ingredients together.
I use the small throw away aluminum tins 2"x4" to put the meat in so that I can freeze some as well because this makes far too much for our small family.

For the creole sauce I use 1 liter of the V8
4 stalks of celery,
1 onion,
1/2 pound of button mushrooms.
1TBSP. of hot sauce.
Cook all of this together until the celery and onion are tender.
2TBSP. of cornstarch mixed in with another cup of the V8 juice and add to the sauce in the pan gradually stirring continually until thickened.
Serve with mashed potatoes and vegetable.

I had a recipe a long time ago similar to this but lost it. I have been experimenting until I came up with this one and my family loves it.