Melting Chocolate

I love to coat biscotti and other kinds of cookies with chocolate and also sometimes to drizzle chocolate on top of cakes of just cover them with a shiny thin coating of chocolate. The trouble I have is that when I melt slowly the chocolate over a pot of hot water (yes I wipe the bottom of the dish in which I have the chocolate so water does nto touch it etc and I add sometimes a pat of butter in it)…the chocolate is turning out too thick and also it is not shiny…making it very hard to properluy coat these sweets. Please HELP. Thank you much.

I melt chocolate in the microwave. I don’t nuke it until it is fully melted.Then I stir it to finish the melting.

THANKS this is good advice…Do you reccomend a special type of chocolate that you had good luck with and can give you a shiny finish for coating? I also heard that some people add parafin to this? but this does nto sound tasty at all? Your thoughts? Thank you so much! - Mandy