Mexican Cornbread

the first thing I ever learned how to cook…

Mexican Cornbread

[li]Jimmy Dean Sausage - hot
[/li][li]1 onion, bell pepper
[/li][li]1 Mexican cornbread mix
[/li][li]2 eggs
[/li][li]1 can of whole corn
[/li][li]1 can of cream corn
[/li][li]1 cup of shredded cheese

after sausage is brown. Mix with cornbread well. Add as many jalapeños as wanted. (I like it spicy!)

Cook at 400 degrees for 45 minutes.

Easy and good!!!

Good post!

You did good, it sounds so yummy. I will have it tonight with some of my collard greens and savory pork roast as I was trying to figure what kind of bread I wanted with the collards, so thanks I get so tired of the regular cornbread muffins

Thanks again

I tried your Mexican Cornbread it was delicoius with my collard greens, and savory pork roast.

that’s great southern. i’m really glad you liked it. :smiley:

We sure did and I will use your recipe often as we like that corn bread with different things.