Microwave Chicken Cordon Bleu

We normally do not cook in the microwave, but this is one thing we do make and I personally LOVE it.

Package boneless skinless chicken breast (normally 3 in package), pounded thin.

On chicken, put a piece of swiss cheese down the center, and a piece of deli ham (we do the boiled ham, nothing smokey). roll and put 2 tooth picks in to secure it.

Take a stack of soda crackers and crush them in a bag

A good scoop of margarine in a bowl and microwave until melted

Roll the chicken roll in the melted margarine so it is coated, then roll it in the cracker crumbs.

Mom then puts it in an oblong glass dish that fits into the microwave. Sprinkle a little of the left over cracker crumbs on top of it. Then take all the left over margarine and pour over the rolls.

Cover with plastic wrap, make sure toothpicks are facing down so they do not poke a hole in plastic wrap.

Microwave on high for 14 minutes

Careful removing plastic wrap as it it builds a lot of steam. We serve it with rice.