Military officers club

In my opinion TachikawaAFB at the officer club has the best restaurants/food. They always had the best holiday dinners and activities. I was a child at time always enjoyed myself at the officers club. And their food at the officer club was outstanding.

As a retired officer, I must second the thought that O Clubs and some E Clubs have some world class dining. Although, as the culture changes, the stoic stance of the modern military is slow to shift. In the past, they seemed to be a bit better, but great memories are always rosey.

The O Clubs on NAS North Island, and NAS Miramar - where Top Gun was filmed - have some delightful dinners topped with an atmosphere that is military cultural and genuine.

Kadina, Atsugi, and Guam also have world class foods and good atmosphere.

As the first message stated, the environment is at each of the O Clubs is generally family friendly. I concur.