Missing Posts

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to say that I have responed to some posts where people have commented on my posts and I’ve replied to them or that I have made replies to other peoples posts and that my replies/post have gone missing. Not being negligent or rude, have responded but they don’t seem to be here.

Anyway, happy cooking everyone,


Hi Rho,

We recently transferred the sites to a bigger server to improve performance. Once we transferred the databases, there was a period of about 12 hours in which new posts weren’t picked up. Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do to recover the missing data.

Sorry for any inconvenience.



Thanks for your reply. I don’t think it was because of the transfer to larger servers. These were replies that I made a month or so ago. No worries, just wanted people to know that i wasn’t ignoring them. I keep forgetting to check the ‘notify by email’ tab when i post. lol

Have a good one,