I have sort of an odd question.

A while ago I was cooking a homemade baked bean recipe of my nans. It involved baking beans in molasses and water for 3 hours. I followed the instructions perfectly but it came out a glassy, flaky, hard mess instead of nice saucy beany goodness. I was also making molasses brown bread and that didn’t go glassy but itgot very hard.

What did I do wrong? They were both tried and true recipes. The only thing I can think of is the type of molasses i was using. I dont know what type was originally used and, not living in my home country anymore I had to make due with what I could find, which was blackstrap molasses.

I really want to start making this on a fairly regular basis but I’m too scared to try it again. I don’t have 2 full days to dedicate to cleaning up molasses flakes :shock:

it does help. Thank you kitchen witch! I’ve searched the internet for ages looking for a reason and I had never found one.

Thanks for that!