Mongolian Lamb With Lambs Wool

90% of this recipe is prepping the ingrediants. Slice the meat into 1/4"x 1/8" stips for quick cooking. Cut Green Onions and Water Chestnuts in thin slices and then strips

1 pound Lean Lamb { Austrailian Lamb is best if can find} (see note)
1 large bunch Green Onions thin slice about 1 1/2 long
1/2 can Water Chestnuts sliced thin then cross sliced
Red Chili and Garlic Paste to cover tip of chefs knife
1 tsp Hosan Sauce ( Chinese Soy Paste)
2 dashes Toasted Sesame Oil
4 oz Safun Noodles (Chinese Rice Noodles)
Oil for deep frying at 350*

I hot Wok, add enough cold cooking oil(2 tbls) and allow to heat then add strips of lamb and quckly cook and move up sides of wok to cooler areas. Add Green Onions and Water Chestnuts and quickly cook. Move all to center of Wok and add Hosan, Red Chili and GArlic paste and stir to coat then add Sesame oil.

I deep, hot oil drop bundle of Safun noodels ands watch then pop like popcorn. Lift from oil and drain and place on serving dish and pour meat sauce over top


A - The Austrailians butcher the lambs at a younger age and this give a milder flavor without the “Wooly” taste

B - Be carful with the Red Chili and Garlic paste. A very small amount will light up Times Square brighter than New Years Eve LOL. It is potent stuff !