MSG Free Replacement for Ichiban Soup Mix


I am trying to make Japanese Cabbage Salad (Company’s Coming) and I am supposed to use the seasoning packet from Ichiban soup. However, I am allergic to MSG (2nd ingredient in the seasoning).

Does anyone have a suggestion for a recipe I could use to replace the seasoning mix. I do have MSG free chicken broth seasoning from Victorian Epicure but I don’t know what quantity to use or what seasonings to add.

Please help!


Well, I’ll bite my tongue on the MSG…LOL
Anyways, to make such an Asian flavor, without MSG, you need to go to an oriental shop and get some dried seaweed (Kombu), and some Katsuobushi (molded dried tuna flakes). Atleast according to one of my Asian cookbooks. Fact is, till now, I’ve never heard of either, but its a recipe for Ichiban Japanese Soup;
4cups water
1/2oz. Katsuobushi
3in. sq. of Kombu
Because both of these vary is saltness, its recommend to wait to add salt to taste.

boil 5mins.

Hope this helps…