My chicken pasta

3 frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts
1 box of your favorite shape pasta
1 can of low sodium chicken broth
2 tsp butter or margerine
1/2 cup heavy cream
2 tbs flour

Take the frozen chicken breasts & put them in a frying pan on a very low heat, sprinkle lightly with garlic powder & seasoned salt, cook until completely done (at least 30 min).
Remove the chicken from the frying pan when cooked & set aside while you make the sauce. Sprinkle the flour into the frying pan where the juices from cooking the chicken are & make into a paste. Add the can of chicken broth & cook until it is the consistancy of gravy & then add the butter & cream.
Cook the pasta in a seperate pot seasoned very lightly with salt. Drain the pasta.
Take the cooked chicken & cut into bitesized pieces. Add the chicken to the cooked sauce & stir together. Pour the sauce over the cooked pasta & mix. You can add dried or fresh parsley for color if desired.

Note: I made this recipie for a friend after she had back surgery & she told me that if all my food was this good that I could cook for her anytime, enjoy.

Thank you for this wonderful chicken pasta recipe. One of my son’s favorite food is pasta and when his friends come over to have lunch with us, I usually cook spaghetti but now I will try your chicken pasta recipe. I would like to know if your recipe is good for for 4 people?

Get things going I’ll go ahead and put my pasta, I usually like to time my dish so my pasta goes straight into the pan so the pasta takes about eight minutes and the chicken breast to take the same and then we get our mushroom going. Put my chicken breast on, one of the chefs that were involved with the name John Harry who is from Seattle and he owns Seastar Restaurant and he has a couple of different rubs and this is a weird rub he takes dried porcini mushrooms and he purees them. And he’ll even do like a mushroom rub on mushrooms and he also does this points and tastes—he’s really good but I really like the mushroom rub and all and all server you have to combine some seasoning with another seasoning. So, since I’m using some sautéed mushrooms so that the mushroom grow will be good. Really what you’re looking for are some salt and pepper and at the very least and then if you have spices that you like by all means use those, you don‘t have to use this rub to make this dish. It’s a nice a seasoning. I like to—I use these grills you put on your stove quite often, I read once I did a study with a bunch of chefs and they grilled on charcoal, they grilled on a gas grill and speed another chef could tell the difference on what the meat is cooked on. So, it s more for a nose I think and sure of fun that cooking the backyard that way but really what we’re doing this we’re caramelizing the meat and we’re giving grill marks which makes look pretty but the most part is what the fat does when it hits the flame and caramelizes that flavor that we’re looking for in grilled meat so that’s one thing to think about whether or not its worth earning the charcoal in the backyard or not. You know mushrooms if you’re doing light cream sauce which are—it’s best to use mushrooms that are so close, as they open up they will darken your sauce so that’s something that keep in mind. I do not have any butter groups in order to get these sautéing. Mushrooms always seem to have—you have to sort the coat to moisturize them. So you can use some wine, some butter or some olive oil but if I’m going to do a cream sauce I usually will seek that butter and it smells all very good together. We will use a firm cream today. Creams is not bad just how much you use of it and how often do you do it now. I don’t recommend it every night but the chefs like to use cream because it just makes such a wonderful sauce, and if you’re mushroom challenge there. Also if you’re looking to do your chicken breast so that it has grill marks or your steak the best thing to do is just let it sit but the grill marks do if you start mess it with it you’re going to mess up your grown marks. And as I just want that butter to get these going. Give your pasta a stir and it usually it will start sticking together about this time or on the bottom here of the pot and you want to season both sides of your chicken breast so I usually season one side let it sit on the grill and then season the other side and if you’re doing—if you actually are using a grill that has great, use a lot more seasoning because most of your seasons going to end falling off the chicken. So, keep that in mind as well when you’re doing stuff on a real grill. These are just red seedless grapes and I’ve noticed that grapes go well with chicken, they go well with fish as does chef—and I know in town he’s been here for years and he makes it signature of dish and he always uses grapes, he usually like grapes but it’s really good with the a big fillet azul, nice fresh fillet azul. Trim my chicken and if you were looking to do grill marks because you want a nice looking steak, this will be a good time do a quarter turn then you’re going to get the grill marks going fat of— And often and I made you and I’m running out of time and my dish is finished all these per fired chicken real quick just give me that raw on the and I just seared off and then the moister doesn’t have any time there to rush out. As it grow like this all right I have to take a whole bowl and put this on black and smash the whole bowl, that way you don’t have like garlic paper all over place and what you don’t use you just throw back in the fridge. I’m not a big fun of the puree garlic. I don’t mind if its already peeled, it seems fine but the stuff that its pureed just seems to have some flavor to it that I just don’t’ like. I’ll smoke you guys up. One way to mash your garlic if you want to use a garlic press is use back side of your knife and you just shave it off, but you want to use a knife that’s wide enough, this would be too narrow so a use a knife that’s got some weight to it. If you it this way then you have to spend your time here in the garlic press and you’re done. I don’t mind using garlic press its just the pain and painless afterwards because the garlic oils gets stock on those of the wholes and I don’t think you find that present and the kitchen, I don’t know many chefs. It will take the time, usually it will take a whole handful and toward and increase another olive oil and do a big batch. And pretty much my philosophy is, if you’re cooking the garlic I don’t think you can use too much, I really have anybody say hey that’s just too much garlic on that. It’s different if you sit in a raw and it has a bite to it and it’s hot. So the measure is we’re just looking with a little bit color on them. Once you get that, that caramelization of mushroom that’s when they’re flavor really changes. I just want to add to get the garlic too brown. Your time check pasta, if you’re not totally comforting and get your pasta perfectly time with your dish, always just go down, go all the way down because it will hold the signature for quite a while, now just keep on cooking if you put a strain into a strainer and you under with mushy pasta and really the best way to test your pasta is cool all the way down because of the soft when you buy it now because it’s not still too al dente. It might seem right on the pot I get softened off because it’s so hot in here the molecules will move in and I’ll seem soft and once you put in the hand mix it pretty into a dish so cool another 30, 40 degrees about the time—it seems undercooked so really your best bet is run it under cold water. This jelly eye butterfly I’ll just do it right on the grill. The sharp knife helps and this way we only have a couple of more minutes where if I had to grill all the way through what I’m going to do is hand up drying up the outside while waiting the inside to get cooked. Do it this way as and connected much quicker and should be a lot no moist. Another nice thing about using the pasta right out the water into your dish is you haven’t washed off any other starch. So it will help thicken your sauce a little bit, reducing the cream will do that but as you reduce the cream, it gets richer and richer and more calories so it’s one way of saving a few calories. Of course we do a carbonara and some like that and that’s what you use the pasta water. Turn that down a little bit, see that’s pretty much done. Had I not done it, we’re looking another seven to eight minutes of cooking it. And of course I don’t want it to dry out and you can see how moist it is so one second on this side. So there on that way a little bit of the heat from the stove didn’t cool it too much, pasta is getting pretty close, this is whole whipping cream Now, this might seem a little unusual but for my salt, I’m going to use chicken bouillon and if it twofold it gives us and our salt of course but also it adds a little bit of richness to the pasta sauce. Add a little bit of black pepper and this is an Asian sweet chili sauce, very common sort of like Asian ketchup and almost—if you go to Asia they use a lot, just going to add in a little bit of sweetness and a little bit of spice. And when your sauce is reducing most important thing to do is just to keep pulling away from the edges so that’s it doesn’t stick it’s not likely to burn but it’s much easier to deal with your sauce while it’s reducing uniformly. Let’s turn that down a little bit. Now, thickness is getting pretty close, if I go a little bit thicker, this could be all right because I’m adding the pasta and of course there’s a little bit of water in there. And then I have my parmesan cheese in the sauce and I’d rather have it in the sauce than sprinkle it on top and of course the parmesan cheese is also going to thicken that up a little bit as well so you’re going to think about that as the texture of your sauce. So what we really want is a sauce that grabs on to our pasta so we’re putting the bowl and it doesn’t also slide at the top of the pasta sitting on above it. This is pretty much what I’m looking for. I always like to clean up the side of the bowl and some sliced almonds. And there you go, all done.

Me too! I didn’t even read more than the first few sentences and am not interested in reading a novel on this site!

1st recipe: looks great!

As far as the second…how would anybody be able to read that with no spaces between the text? Maybe I’m getting old but I couldn’t read that!