my essay is actually a poem

As I Too love to cook, the more I learn the more I yearn.
I yearn to learn as I too love thy sendmerecipes.
I have lots of proof especially as I watch my waist line grow, it just goes to show I too love thy cook. As I cook & as I learn The more it is I yearn for more to cook.
If its the sweets or the meats I know no other for it is those I love & hunger.
I am picky & can be a little wicky but when it comes to flavor I know the is no other but the goodness that rolls ppast my palet.
For all of those of you who are out there, I thank you for your knowledge & eagerness to share. I love to cook as well as you good thing my husband loves my waist & thy cook too !
Thank you Ron & all who share.

Cental TX