My favorite bar style Buffalo Wing recipe!

This is my VERY first recipe so PLEASE bear with me if the writing format is not right!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Buffalo Wings so here is a great recipe you guys may want to try.

10 whole wings or 20 wingettes

1/4 cup Frank’s Buffalo Wing Sauce

2 teaspoons of unsalted butter

Enough cooking oil in your pot/pan/fryer to cover your wings.

Cut your wings if you have whole wings. Discard the extra piece (on the flat) if you want.

Clean your wings.

Now take a pot and put enough water in it to boil your wings for 10 minutes.
(Boiling your wings will make them nice and juicy and they won’t shrink when they are frying). I like to add a little garlic powder, onion powder, and a little salt to the water while they are boiling.

After you’re finished boiling the wings, take them out of the water and paper towel dry them. By now, your oil should be up to 375 degrees.

Once the wings are dry and you are sure your oil is hot enough, take your wings and put them in the oil to cook for about 12-15 minutes. Make sure they don’t stick together while they are frying.

After your wings are done frying, take them out of the oil and put them on some paper towels for the oil to drain.

Now, take a small sauce pan or pot and pour in your Frank’s Buffalo Wing Sauce and your butter (more butter will cut down on the spice and make your sauce milder). Cook just under medium heat just until it starts to bubble up (When it starts to bubble up, its done). At this point, you can add some cayenne pepper if you want your sauce to be spicier.

Put your wings in a big salad bowl and pour your sauce over them. Now take a serving spoon or some tongs and mix move the wings around the bowl till they are all covered in your sauce.

If you want, you can garnish with a little parsley. Serve with some Ranch or Bleu Cheese and enjoy!


Thanks for posting recipe sounds delicious. Im curious why 15 minutes of frying after they been boiled well?