My favorite restaurant

I live in Nashua, New Hampshire and I am from Italian heritage. There is a restaurant in Merrimack, NH ( we are about 1 hour north of Boston) called Florence’s. The restaurant has been open since 1989.and is run by Florence. Florence, the mother had a restaurant in Boston’s North End which she opened in 1975, but closed when her husband died in 2000. She joined her daughter Florence, in Merrimack, and helps the chefs in the restaurant and still cooks her favorite Italian tomato sauce. Florence, the daughter worked with her parents in their restaurant beginning at age 12 and learned all about Italian cooking and running a restaurant, which she does very well.

The restaurant is fantastic. It’s authentic Italian both in atmosphere and in food. Family oriented, but also one can have a great romantic dinner for two there also. The meals taste just like my mother used to make. ( I come from Brooklyn, NY). My favorite appetizers is the steam mussels in Florence’s famous marinara sauce. Belisimo! My favorite meal there is shrimp and clam marinara served over angel hair pasta. Yummy! The portions are very generous, and every meal is served with great Italian bread and a delicious salad. Great desserts and my favorite is the pineapple cake served with strawberries. The service is fantastic and the wait people are so very friendly. Florence also comes around to say hello to everyone, and makes sure that they have everything they want and that everything is satisfactory. The prices are great too! I highly recommend this restaurant for anyone who lives in the area, or who may be driving though. The restaurant is opened Tuesday through Sunday, at 5:00 p.m.

I think Florence’s is one of the best restaurants in the Nashua area. I rank it high for food, hospitality, service and a restaurant owner who really cares about her customers.