Mystery of the missing Talipia!!!!!

:cry: :cry: Dear fellow foodies, I am left in a state of frustration over the eradication of a recipie from the archives. The Talapia is missing!!! Within the last 4 to 5 months the Johnny Carino’s Jalapeno Talipia was published on this site. I know because I printed most of the ingredients list…then horror of horrors ran out of paper. Subsequent attempts to locate this heavenly favorite of mine have left me with an empty and frustrated stomach. Even an e-mail to Chef Tom has gone unanswered. Please someone out there hear my plea and provide me with your copy of this disappeared dish! Share it with us all and be rewarded in the joy you will have given us…Thanks for reading and all the great recipies.

Calamari-dregded Tilapia??? did I miss something