Need a little HELP here

Hi to Ron and Everyone else:D. I have been a member for a few years I look forward to all of your emails Ron I love cooking the newest recipes. Some are really good and others are ahhh a little to rich for this Southern Blood…lol. Yet I still make them,my husband doesn’t like some of them. Anyway we have saved alot of money with your recipes.
The question that I have though is this " Do any of you have any recipes for Fried Colby"? When I lived in Charlottesville Va. there was a Restaurant named Sloans. They had the Best Fried Colby and Broccoli and cheese soup but they closed and have not reopen, not to my knowledge . I have tried forever to find the recipe. I found 1 that added coconut and it was Gross. If anyone can please help me, my family Loves that stuff. Thanks Betina