need help finding kale

hello there everyone, now I’m kinda new to this so i’m not really sure how this works,
well i guess my question is i am trying a new recipe and it calls for
1-10oz pkg. of Kale now i do not know if it is a dry ing. or fresh, i would think it would be dry because it does not say it has to be chopped or diced etc. now my other problem is where do i find it, i have looked at my local supermarkets and no one either knows what it is or has it can you please tell me where i can find it. And my recipe is a soup… but the kale is to be added last . please help…:?:

Welcome to RSN yoliew3 -

We have many recipes here and also many active members that are willing to help. Please tell us more about the soup - does it have beans, or sausage, or veggies??? Please tell us more of what is in the soup so we can help you.

Also - we look forward to seeing any recipes you would like to share with us!

Kitchen Witch

hello and thank you very much for trying to help me, now my recipe consists of Italian Sausage(hot),red potatoes, heavy cream, dried parsely &oregano. chicken broth, and water thats pretty much the basics of the soup than it says to add the pkg of kale, what is kale ?:confused:

Kale is a cabbage-type veggie with curled leaves.

I will dig up the recipes that I have and I will post them to the RECIPE EXCHANGE.

Kitchen Witch

Thank you i think i more or less know what to look for now, i’ll let you know how my soup turns out;)

Good luck - I hope it is good!! I enjoy kale in my soup so I know I like it - hope you do too.