Need help with rolling yeast dough please

I love to cook and bake and am always looking for new things to make. I love home made cinnamon rolls and pizza. However, I have a hard time rolling out the dough. It seems to be any dough with yeast in it. I struggle to roll it out and feel like I’m fighting with (and losing to) the dough. I do tend to be a perfectionist and I would really like to get this technique down. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Where can you buy dough relaxer?

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

Hi! I’ve never worked with dough relaxer (thanks KW for suggesting it, will have to check)…but I really agree with the rest time for dough. I’ve found this helps.

Thanks for bringing this problem up, I thought it was only me…and thanks (again) KW for ideas.

Allow fresh made dough to rest in fridge for ten to fifteen minutes. Then use a heavy rolling pin or full, heavy wine bottle to roll to desired thickness. Might try roll between first and second rising. Allow to rise and punch down and roll out and add filling, roll and cut into rolls and allow to rise second time before baking

The more you work it, though, would make it tougher, right? I’m not sure what the end goal is but no one likes overly tough bread… unless that’s what you meant to do.

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Ah, looks much better today.