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Hi Everyone,

I am new to this site and in reading some of the posts, it seems like everybody is so friendly and really helpful so I really hope somebody can help me. My husband & I enjoy cooking and baking so much, we love trying out new recipes and I really love cooking with fresh herbs instead of dried herbs. Which is where my problem starts. We don’t have a store real close to us so when we do our grocery shopping I buy my fresh herbs but I just can’t seem to keep them from wilting and going bad. Please can someone tell me what I can do?

Thank You so much, Annette Marie

Of course -

I have a group called Herbs and Spices at Food Pals and it will tell you how to preserve herbs.

I also have in my Kitchen Witch Cooks group - food preservation for drying and freezing herbs as well.

I hope you get to stop by and check it out!

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Annette Marie Hi-

Wrap them in foil especially cilantros helps preserve fresh herbs longer. Wraping celery in foil last a long time.