New at canning,I need help

I just got finished canning apple pie filling,looks good,but know I’m worried,people are saying you can use cornstarch,others are saying a big no no,do I just throw it all out and start over,I don’t want to take a chance and make my family Sick,the recipe did call for lemon juice in it,I’m just really troubled here…thanks

The issue with cornstarch is that it tends to separate under the high heat used for canning and becomes watery. Only ClearJel® (a form of cornstarch) is recommended for canning and there is an “instant” version for making pies.

I used a recipe from all…apple pie filling,from Rhonda…got rave reviews,why do people say it would be a health risk

I guess I better throw away,better be safe than sorry,she had so many rave reviews and people said they have been using her recipe for the last couple of years,what were people using instead of the gel that has know come out…any good recipe for apple pie filling for canning

I made it a week or more ago.I was surfing the web and was reading the split between people,that how I found this forum ,didn’t want to chance making my family sick

Thanks for your help,I’m bummed,but rather be safe than sorry,I will go buy more apples and start again,your recipe says 6quarts of apples? Do I boil the sauce for how long?

I have a ball blue book,read it front to back,I have canned a lot of there recipes,just wanted to try this one…I still have decided to just can pickles, okra,jellies, fruits ,to worried about salsa and meats,green beans,etc…just didn’t see that part of cornstarch