New China Buffet Dinner

We were short on time today and as it was a beautiful day, I didnt want to spend it in the house cooking. We had Chinese take out from the New China Buffet. It was wonderful. They have every kind of dish imaginable. My favorites were the sushi, boiled shrimp, stuffed clams, zucchini, broiled mushrooms, broccoli/carrot stirfry, yeast rolls and fruit for dessert. It was great for a change.

Sure sounds like you’re allergic to something in the food. Are you allergic to MSG? Fortunately, my family (and I) must have cast iron stomachs. Haven’t found anything yet we can’t eat. I love this particular restaurant because they have a huge selection on the buffet. My husband is not a big fan of Chinese food. They even have pizza, chicken on a stick, and hamburgers for people like him LOL.

We don’t go out often but I am too cheap to spend the money to buy all the ingredients it would take to make a Chinese meal at home that we would all love. And, although I agree homemade is usually the best way to go, this time I’d have to vote for the buffet. It can’t be beat. Tastes great and the price is right, what more could you ask for?