New here

H1! Im new here and just found this site and i now i will love this site. I love to cook. My husband says he wish that i did’nt now how to cook so good. Told him i could start back when i did’nt :slight_smile: :slight_smile: and he’ said no keep the good cooking up. I have worked in food servive almost all my life until i got to retired ealy in 2002 with full benifits. Thatis the best thing that happened,.

Last year we took a six week vacation to Alaska and we have a small Rv it could be bigger i think but hubby thinks it’s big enough We drove to Alaska from where we live in Missouri.


welcome. i hope that you enjoy this site. it is full of somemany topics for everyones needs. check out all the forums, theres a recipe for anything. looking for a recipe post a request. enjoy your stay

happy cooking

Yes i have some recipes that i want to post well have to look them up.
Ithink that im going to like it here. I was on one a couple years ago and yoy had to pay to be a member every year.