New Kid On The Block

Hi all. I joined because I have some great recipes to share. Am also looking for the world’s best recipes, I’m sure there are many of those here.

Am looking forward to reading your posts to get to know you better.

Welcome to RSN!

Thank you for sharing with us all. If you need anything - just give a holler - we all love to help.

It’s very nice to see you here and we hope you enjoy our site as much as we do. Welcome aboard!


Welcome all new spammers!

Apparently this is q quite popular thread for you to visit - but it is now closed to you all.

Sure we are all glad you joined our site - or blog - as many of you call it.

Hundreds of you have tried to post - but you have all gotten banned - and you will all continue to get banned - so you are wasting your time here. Move on.

We have no desire to read your garbage or see what junk you are selling and promoting.

This is a recipe site -

you are too cheap to pay for your own advertising means - you try to do it off Ron - it won’t happen.