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Hi I’m Joannie New Foodie on board:grin::grin::grin:

Welcome to RSN! It’s very nice to see you here. Feel free to post - we all love new ideas - and ask for whatever it is you need - we love to help.
Kitchen Witch

I joined a few weeks ago. I will give as much advice and learn as much as I can.

Thank you Todd - we are always looking for fresh ideas! And we also love to share with you!


Welcome all new spammers!

Apparently this is a quite popular thread for you to visit - but it is now closed to you all.

Sure we are all glad you joined our site - or blog - as many of you call it.

Hundreds of you have tried to post - but you have all gotten banned - and you will all continue to get banned - so you are wasting your time here. Move on.

We have no desire to read your garbage or see what junk you are selling and promoting.

This is a recipe site -

you are too cheap to pay for your own advertising means - you try to do it off Ron - it won’t happen.