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How do I Post a recipe???




Where are the quick reply icons??? I guess I’s stupid or something. I am very new to your web site.

Help again,


Hello Scotlin -

You post your new recipes just like you made your first post!! Just click on the Recipe Exchange and click on NEW THREAD and make your post either by typing or copy/paste from your source document. To post a reply to a post - yours or someone else’s click on POST REPLY. Click SUBMIT and you’re all set.

If you take a look at the lower right corner you will see EDIT, QUOTE, QUICK REPLY - use the EDIT if you need to edit one of your posts, QUOTE to quote anothers and the QUICK REPLY is what I just use to answer your post. And hit SUBMIT.

You are not stupid - this site is growing very fast and it is overwhelming - especially to our newer members.

If you have any further question - just give a holler - we are always willing to help!

And we are looking forward to seeing what recipes you want to share with us! Welcome aboard!

Kitchen Witch