New to the Forum

  1. First Name

  2. City, State:
    Ocala, FL Little Lexington
    or the other Florida

  3. Favorite Food to Eat
    Chicken and Seafood, although I have developed an allergy
    to shellfish so I have become picky, however, my husband
    cooks a mean broiled white fish…oh and no more garlic?
    Another food alergy. Getin old I guess. :frowning:

  4. Favorite Food to Cook:
    Chicken and Seafood

  5. Favorite Restaurant:
    Bubbalicious Bodacious BBQ - Orlando, Fl
    An occasional trip when I really need some comfort. :oops:

  6. What do you like about this site:
    Just learning what the site is all about, making a journey out of it all, this seems like a great place to keep the family happy and sassy with a smile on their face. Especially with gas prices, we have to keep closer tabs on the money, right?

Anyway I have found it a little difficult to navigate this forum any tips would be greatly appreciated. I don’t know if I can share much but I’ll try…looking forward to all the receipes and good fellowship.

Oh by the way I am becoming a bit more of a health nut since my husband has gone through his 7th heart attack, stroke that took the hearing in his good ear and left him with chronic vertigo. Believe it or not he is doing well since we have found a wonderful secret that helps him tremendously. Will share when I get to know the forum a bit and hope I can be of help to everyone actually. Sorry for the add on just really wanted to vent a bit as it is difficult at times, thanks for listening.