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Hi, my name is Barry and I have been cooking for 54 yrs and I have never tired of it. I am always looking to expand my horizons in the food I prepare and eat. I do 90% of the cooking for my wife and I and we enjoy every day we have together. I have a small garden this year (two 4’X8" raised bed gardens) and a brand new BBQ Grille I just got this last month to replavce my old one that i am rebuilding to give to my son and his wife. Today I bought a new lemon press and last night we prepared my wife’s Mom’s Fried Chicken recipe. I mill my own flour, buy raw milk when I can find it, get my eggs from my neighbor about 1/4 mile down the road, make my own pickles from scratch, make my own pickle relish, and try to get into as much excitement and trouble as I can. Oh, I have been around since way before “Politically Correct” came into vogue and do not try to offend anybody but I try to not beat around the bush and get the job done.

So Hello to all on this forum and I hope I am an asset to it.:smiley:

Hi Barry…thanks for joining us. Any chance you’d like to share any of your favorite recipes you’ve been making the last 54 years…Maybe your favorite fried chicken recipe…hint, hint! Glad you’re here. I still consider myself a “newbie” as I’m still learning all the wonderful things about this site.

Hi to your wife!!

Almonds, I will post it hopefully today in its own thread??? This is an old (like me) recipe that goes back 60 yrs or more. When they originally made it they used lard to fry it in. Anyway it will be a complete recipe with pictures as I know i always like posts with pictures and they are worth thousands of words. Thanks for asking.

Hi Barry, Welcome. I’d appreciate it if you would post some of your down home recipes for two. Thank you. I also cook from scratch whenever possible.

Would you happen to have a recipe for old fashioned sugar cream pie? It is very popular here in Indiana, and I like to try different versions of recipes for sugar cream pie, always searching for the perfect pie. Most of the ones I have found call for “10 cent worth of sugar” and “top cream from the morning milking.” : )

I sure will but I usually cook for four and we do left overs at our house.:smiley:

Sorry Missik, I don’t have one but I think I have my Mom’s Lemon Custard Pie with a Graham Cracker Crust if you might be interested.:smiley:

Well, I am figuring out this forum and wondered why I wasn’t getting instant notification. Duh, I wasn’t set up for it in the forum standard.

It’s all good. Like my old Anatomy Professor use to say “Everything takes time and everything has holes in it”…

And the question for the day is “Why was time invented?”

Thank was very good KW.

I think Albert Einstein said it best “Time was invented so evrything didn’t happen at once”.

and yes most of us live by the clock. Thanks!!

I work in a doctor’s office …I am very grateful that we live by the clock, and I’m sure our patients are too!

This sounds wonderful and I would like to try it!

Barry, Recipes for four are OK as we do leftovers the following day. Thank you.