new zealand mussels sauce

Hey mate, after spending my winters in new zealand learn to really love new zealand mussels-need recipe for makig the delicios sauce-finally found place to buy them but need how to make the sauce please help me with this mouth watering recipe - ill invite you for dinner KIWI SKIP MY E-MAIL IS

For the cream sauce combine lemon juice, lime juice and curry powder with heavy cream and whisk together.

Prepare a roux of flour and butter then carefully whisk in cream sauce.

Take 2 pounds of farmed New Zealand green lipped mussels within a large sauce pan and add 2 cups white wine (one you would choose to drink) add one bouquet garni (Thyme, bay leaves, and parsley) and 1 head of garlic cut in half. Cover bring contents to boil for 1 minute and remove from heat. Drain mussels liquid.

Prepare a mouclade sauce by combining the drained liquid from the mussels with cream sauce and whisk for several minutes then strain. Remove the top shell of each mussel. Arrange by stacking mussels and pour mouclade sauce over. Serve hot!