olive garden salad dressing

does any one have the real olive garden salad dressing recipe?

Try the recipe Kitchen Witch posted (post #2) at:


I have used the same recipe myself, and it’s pretty darned close :slight_smile:

how do i get that recipe??

You know also, you can go up to the bar at Olive Garden and BUY it for like $4!! It’s in a very cool bottle and it’s GREAT to have!! I’ve even given it as part of a gift basket because so many people love it but don’t realize you can BUY IT!!

Go to:

I ll try it right away :wink:

Love the salad, Would like the recipe

The website listed is not viable…please check and resend! THanks.

Please go to the Secret Recipes forum and check the Olive Garden thread.


why can’t I get the receipe for the olive garden salad dressing ? why is tis so difficult when yo said all you have to do is check the receipe as follows
your some friend ron thanks for nothing
Max young

Max - I am sorry you are having trouble with the link - I just clicked on it myself and there are 4 recipes there. Please try it again - it just worked fine for me.

It could be just a computer problem - we all know how much fun computers can be from time to time! I don’t feel this was something Ron did - he doesn’t give anyone a hard time. We you registered as a user when you tried to use the link?

Kitchen Witch

Olive Gardens is my mom’s favorite place to eat and we have a large family so we alway’s take her there for Mother’s day. We all love the salad the most of all. Thank’s I will try it.

Thank you Kitchen Whitch for all your help and suggestions!

You’re very welcomed Sheryl!


I have tried and tried to get Olive garden salad dressing. What am I doing wrong. Please help.

Click on the word search that is at the top of the page.An empty box should appear. Type Olive Garden Salad Dressing in box and hit the go button next to it and it should bring up the Olive Garden Salad Dressing topics. I know their is one by Kitchen Witch click on it and it should bring up the recipe. Hope this helps!

Several members have been having trouble getting this recipe and for that reason I have posted it to the Receipe Exchange (Olive Garden Salad Dressing) and it should be no more than 3 to 4 pages into the forum (if it is that far - depending on how many recipes have been added since.)

I hope this helps those who have been sending me PM’s and others who are having difficulty!

Kitchen Witch

wow!! that’s a big help kitchen witch… :slight_smile:

I tried one of the recipes. Close but no cigar. I will try a couple of the others.:wink: