Oops, I CAN spell, REALLY

I just introduced myself to you all, and when I reviewed my answers, I realized I spelled restarant wrong!!! Nothing like starting off on the right foot with everyone. Spelling is a pet-peeve of mine, so its a little ironic I guess that I post my first message with an error.
I’ll be watching that more closely from now on, I"m sure.
Have a nice day!!


We read typo very well here! I taught for years and I always pushed the spelling - but of course - we are only human - and that is why they make erasers! You will find many misspelled words here - but that’s ok - as long as the recipes are good!

Welcome and enjoy!!!


Welcome nonni, yes we all make typo,s here but like KW said as long as the recipes are good it is o.k. We hope that you will like this site as much as we do.

Welcome again

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