Orange Bowl OJ Original mix

Years ago the Orange Bowl Snack Bars mixed their signature product, OJ, from scratch. If you have a softserve type ice cream freezer and want to make a frozen orange slushy treat try this. this makes a five gallon bucket of mix

2 large cans frozen Orange Juice Consentrate
3 1/2 gallons VAnilla Ice cream frozen, melted or 3 1/2 gal Ice Cream mix for
soft serve machine
1 large bottle Surejell or Certo pectin
2 pounds white sugar
water to fill bucket

Mix everything in clean, food grade five gallon bucket and mix well so sugar is disolved. Pour into Soft serve freezer machine and allow to freeze to custard consistancy.

This is a soft desert like the old Creamsickles sold by kids on bicycle cart in the 1950s