Oreo Cake?

Hello everyone :slight_smile: A few years ago I ate this chocolate cake at a wedding that was the most perfect chocolate cake I have ever eaten. My grandmother has tried to ask for the recipe but they wouldn’t share, not even with their staff.

Its colour was dark, like oreo cookies and there was a (white? was it white?) filling in between the layers. The cake tasted very sweet, kind of similar to an oreo (again) and it had a solid white icing that tasted like vanilla.

It was a powerful cake, with a very strong taste, so it was eaten with ice cream.

If anyone has a slight idea of its name, has tried a recipe similar to this, has heard of something, anything! please tell me :wink:

Hi, I think you are talking about beer cake, or Heineken Cake.
en español Pastel de Cerveza