P. F. Chang's Oolong Marinated Sea Bass

P. F. Chang’s Oolong Marinated Sea Bass

This was very good. I LOVE this dish at PF Chang’s and finally searched online for the recipe. Yours is the closest to replicating the dish. I made a few changes that (to my palate anyway), brought the flavor closer to the PF Chang version: I cut back the brown sugar to 1/2 cup and I doubled the oolong tea (to 1 tsp).

Thanks again for posting this. My husband was practically doing cartwheels because of this dish!

Appreciate the recipe but still have some questions:

in final step it says “Split the remaining sauce and pour …” - that’s the first time a sauce is mentioned. Are we talking about the marinade? Or about whatever juices are left from the baking/broiling fish?


Where is this recipe?

Where is this recipe? It is not up any more!
Well one good thing, I have all of the items needed. LMAO