Party Punch (alcoholic)

August is over, guess what that means? Off to college for the kids and time to enjoy a labor day BBQ for the rest of us!

So how about we loosen up with a nice fruity drink to make us forget that snow and the cold are just around the corner?

I present to you my very own, tried and test Alcoholic Party Punch recipe.
(I should note that this drink isn’t THAT strong, the taste of alcohol is kept to a minimum, watch for the sugar high, light weights will get a good feeling after 1-2 glasses of this)
it sneaks up on you.

What’s need?
1 Gallon Container Filled about 65-70% with water.
6 Packs of Fruit Punch mix (I prefer a tropical or cherry variety)
1-1/4 Cup of Malibu coconut Rum
1-1/4 Cup of Hpnotiq
1-1/4 Cup of Bacardi Limon Rum
1-1/4 Cup of Sour Apple Pucker
1-2 Shots of Everclear (Optional)


  1. First mix in 4 packs of Fruit Punch Mix into your water. Shake it up really good, and let it get cold, I would put it in a freezer for 30 minutes.

  2. Add the Malibu to the Fruit Punch Mix, shake/stir Very Well (the goal is to get the alcohol to dissipate throughout the entire gallon, not to just sit at the top)

  3. Add the Hpnotiq, again shake/stir very well

  4. Add the Limon, shake/stir very well

  5. Add the sour apple pucker, shake/stir very well

  6. Taste test, is it too strong on the alcohol taste? Add in another package of Fruit Punch Mix, and shake up the mixture very well, and taste again. Still too much for your liking? Add in the 6th Fruit Punch Mix.

  7. Feeling adventurous? Add in Everclear, 1-2 shots should not affect the taste, SHAKE VERY WELL

  8. Freeze the mixture for a few hours and you’re good to go!

Remember to drink responsibly, and don’t drink and drive!
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