I have a house of men who all want different things! some how this evening I managed to create popeye pasta for my husband, tuna pasta for my youngest son and prawn pasta for my eldest! I some how managed to miss judge the amount of pasta and ended up with non for my self! doh!

It sounds more like you are running a restaurant.

I like pasta very much because its very tasty and gives the proper calories instead of other fooding items.

I’ve just made a butternut squash and mixed herb pesto fusilli pasta. Was great and didn’t take long to prepare at all. Quite simply dice and cook off the butternut squash, garlic and onion in a pan while the pasta cooks. I cheated and added my own herbs to a ready made jar of pesto.

Pasta is great. I can’t believe you make different things for everyone in your family. I would just tell them to eat it or make their own food.

Hello my name is Chad and I
totally believe this! haha

How sad… did you end up eating
pasta or make yourself something

A big pot of pasta will last for several days in the fridge if you don’t add any toppings. Just make a big pot and add individual toppings to each serving bowl.

I really love Truffle pasta! Pasta is a great choice at any time. And I love to try different homemade pasta recipes.

Same here. I am not Italian but I love to eat it with spaghetti. One of the best contributions by them.