Peach Delight Salad

Peach Delight Salad

1 lg or 2 sm pkgs peach Jello
1 can peach pie filling
1 (20 oz) can crushed pineapple
2 c. boiling water

1 (8 oz) pkg cream cheese
1 c. sour cream
1/2 to 1 c. chopped pecans
1/2 c. sugar

Dissolve Jello in boiling water. Stir in pie filling, cutting peaches if needed. Stir in drained pineapple. Congeal.

Topping: Soften cream cheese about 30 seconds or more in microwave. Add sour cream, sugar and pecans; mix well. Don’t use a mixer. Spread over Jello mixture.

Use a 9 x 13 x 2 Pyrex dish. Keep in the refrigerator.