Penny Pincher Recipes

How about a thread or ??? (having trouble getting around this site) for ECONOMICAL, CHEAP recipes that go a long way at the table? My grocery bill is soaring and I imagine everyone else’s is too. Restaurant recipes are great - you make them at home instead of eating out and that is good. But let’s bring back the old recipes and redo them for today’s ingredients (or keep them as they were). Recipes have changed over the years … I never used to use fresh mushrooms but they are a staple on my weekly list now. Canned diced tomatoes are another staple but they con’t convert well into old recipes calling for stewed or whole tomatoes … even those have changed. You have to adjust your liquids accordingly. Stewing beef is handy but it’s a bit pricey where beef shanks would serve just as well and give the dog something good to chew on after dinner. I still use many of my recipes from years ago (WAY before the days of Hamburger Helper) but they are many younger cooks out there who probably don’t have a collection of lean week recipes and could use some help.

That’s a good suggestion. Let me think about it.