Planet Hollywood Chicken Tenders

Planet Hollywood Chicken Tenders

1 pound each: Cap’n Crunch and corn flake cereals
1 pound chicken tenders, 1-ounce each
3 eggs
2 cups flour, seasoned with salt and pepper
1 cup milk
Oil for deep frying

  1. Combine cereals and crush into crumbs. Whip eggs and milk.

  2. Rinse chicken tenders in cold running water and pat dry.
    Individually coat tenders in flour, then immerse in egg
    mixture. Finally coat chicken with cereal crumbs. Lay coated
    tenders side by side on a platter.

  3. Pour oil into large pan to depth of 3-4 inches. Heat oil to
    325-F. Carefully add chicken strips to hot oil, one at a time.
    Cook 3 1/2 minutes until golden brown. Only cook as many as
    will fit in pan without crowding. Remove from oil, drain and
    keep warm.

Yield: 4-6 servings

Source: Orlando Sentinel, March 23, 2011

How much is 1 lb of Cap’n Crunch and 1lb of corn flakes? 1 lb each? Should the cereal be crushed?

The recipe says to crush the it. Digital kitchen scales start at about $ 20.

The weight of the cereal is on the box.

Sounds delicious! Thanks