Please help me

Hi I am a newbie here. And so far I love this site. I am looking for a recipe for a cooked peanut butter pudding using vanilla wafers. There was a family rest. that closed due to sickness that made the best peanut butter pudding. I am also looking for a cooked pineapple pudding. Thanks you much.


There is a recipe for that pudding on this site, but without the vanilla wafers. Were the vanilla wafers used as a crust?

LOL, looks like we both posted at the same time.

Thank you guys

The Restaurant was the Hickory House in Birmingham Alabama.

I’ll go back to the other post and recheck that post. I really like this site.

Yes i believe they were. They only served puddings on Sunday’s when the buffet table was open.

Why not try the pudding and line the dish with vanilla wafers before adding the pudding?