PLEASE Stick To main subject COOKING !

Again, I ask the posters and the Sysop/ Moderator to keep the post here on the subject of COOKING !

As I said before. I had a friend who belonged to one of the Renfaire SHires. He knew nothing about the period and really did not try to learn or dress the period, but he wanted his say in the Shire Newsletter.

The Group allowed him a spot in the newsletterand he called his post, " The Outside Report" The subjects he posted had absolutly nothing to do with the time period, ( as some of the General Chat post here), but he told of the Animated Movies he had seen, The Muppets Take New Jersy!, his going to the Shooting Range, or a gun show, Making Pickle Veggies and eating the whole jar before they even got cold, this type of thing. The Shire Officers finally ask him to either stick to things about the time period or to not come to the meetings anymore, he never went to the Renfairs in period Garb or helped the shire in any way and he never even paid dues or “Bought” the handbook of guidelines and how tos for making Grab and weapons, instead he ask to borrow one of the two copies the Shire had as loners, and kept it. (It was a Thirty Dollar book to non-members and came with a paid Ten Dollar and year membership).
Instead of doing right and getting with the program, he got mad a quite and now goes to Renfaires Free( He does work partime for the organizers and gets free workers passes) and then badmouths the group that ask him to leave.

My point here is that people come to this site to find good things to cook, learn how to cook them properly and to share foods they make and enjoy. They can go to thousands of other sites to read about the New Movies, TV programs, X-box Games and who their best friend is sleeping with ! These things DO NOT belong on a Shared Cooking Site!

SYSOP/Moderator Please pay more attention to the postings and either make this a Catch-All site, or Place the off-subject post in the Round File, File 13, Litter Box, whatever, but eliminate them from the main subject areas Please, Pretty Please with Whipped Cream, chopped nuts, and a Cherry on it !

So, is cat herding your hobby or because of a professional interest? :smiley:

Cat Herding? Do you have any idea of what you are talking about? I do not think so !

Im going to rewrite the Bambi Principal in your honor.

" If you have nothing Intelegent to say, then say nothing at all" Your post is a perfect example of what Im saying about “Off Subject” Postings.

I’m getting too old to waste my time on foolishness and fools. What is it about the internet that either creates jerks or seems to encourage them? But in the end they are only talking into the mirror. Nobody is listening.

Kitchen Witch, thanks for the opportunity to post recipes and read and receive great recipes. I know you are trying your best to run manage this great website. Thanks to Ron for creating a great website.

But unfortunately trolls and spammers are ruining the enjoyment for me. So, it’s on to greener pastures.


IMHO, when posters get off topic they should be reminded to stay on topic and if they persist they should be banned. I belong to another board which has nothing to do with food and the owner/moderator does a great job of controlling the board. Posters who levy personal attacks are warned and their insulting post deleted. I realize it is not an easy job to moderate a board and a thick skin is essential. They have been some former posters on this board who, like Antilope, got fed up with the BS and left. I have been on the verge myself.

Thank You Ivdkeyes. That is what Iam asking. If after a polite request to stay on the subject of cooking and then they continue to post off subject, force them to move on.

Antilope, Im sorry you feel like you have to leave the forums due to my asking others to stay on subject. Please reconsider as I have enjoyed many of your recipes. An occasional humoruse bit or off subject is ok, but to run four page rant on things that have nothing to do with Cooking is wrong. JUst as the Medevil Shire finialy ask my friend to either stay on subject or leave the shire, they have to draw a line somewhere. Please staay and post more of your good recipes and ideas on cooking.

We created the General Chat section so that people can talk about things other than cooking. If you only want recipes, there are many sections of the site for just that. Just because it’s not cooking related does not make it Spam.

I think the moderators here do an exceptional job cleaning up spam and should be shown more appreciation for such a thankless task.

Maybe I do not voice the opinion of others who come to this site for the Recipes and cooking tips. There are many other General Chat pages as well as cooking pages as you state. IMHO, those that come to this site do so not to find out if Jolo is in jail for drugs again or If Chas Sheen or his father are on another hunger strike and having food secretly brought to them when they go to the Port-A-Pots !

I have not given any greif to the Sysop or Moderators in my request for ON Subject Content and If I did flame someone, it was after rude remarks were made to me, about my ideas and in a rude way. I can take and accept Constructive Critisium (SP?) and welcome it.

Im not above the occasional Joke, off subject post, but feel that you went to a lot of work giving us this forum to discuss COOKING. not movies, unless they are like Julia and Me. or Cooking How To vids.