Pork Rib Cuts Explained

Other names - Back Ribs or Loin Ribs
Cut from the top most section of the rib, between the spine and the middle bend. Located just under the loin. The bones are between 6" and 3" long. A typical rack has around 10-14 bones.

Other names - their is a Kansas City version the is the same but trimmed closer
Cut from the section just below the Baby Back but before the Rib Tip

Other names - Side Ribs
Cut of rib that includes the full St. Louis section and the Rib Tip

Other names St. Louis Tips, Spare Tips or Tips
Cut of rib locate on the end of the St. Louis sections, it is less of a rib bone, but a cartilage tip

Other names - Flat Bones, Riblets, or Buttons
This is cut from the flat bones running just out side the spine

Chart of Rib Cuts

That’s good info. Thanks for posting.

Thought a couple of pics might be helpful-
St. Louis cut spare ribs-

Baby back ribs-

thank you for the great info…I always wondered what the difference was

Which is the best to buy ?

The ones that are on sale:D
Spares have the better flavor IMHO, loin backs are generally a bit meatier than spares.