potato borscht


1 onion, sliced
1 head cabbage, shredded
1 quart. water
4 or 5 potatoes, diced
4 or 5 carrots, sliced
1 quart. water
1 pint. sour cream
2 teaspoon. dried dill weed
Salt & fresh ground pepper


Slice onion and shred cabbage. In a large cooking pot, cook onion and cabbage until tender in 1 quart water. Salt and pepper as desired.
In another pot, cook carrots and potatoes in 1 quart salted and peppered water. When tender, drain this cooking water into the cabbage/onion pot.
Mash potatoes and carrots with sour cream and dill weed. Add sour cream mixture to cabbage/onion broth slowly, stirring well. Correct seasonings to taste.

This sounds more to my liking than traditional borscht. I don’t like beets in any form.

That isnt Borscht, that is cabbage soup !

I’ll admit, without the egg yolks & vinegar, its a different form of borscht, and yet;
“A rose by any other name…”

This from Wikipedia:

Borscht (also borsch, bortsch, borstch, borsh, borshch; Ukrainian: борщ) is a soup of Ukrainian[1] origin that is popular in many Eastern and Central European countries. In most of these countries, it is made with beetroot as the main ingredient,[2][3] giving it a deep reddish-purple color. In some countries, tomato may occur as the main ingredient, while beetroot acts as a secondary ingredient. Other, nonbeet varieties also exist, such as the tomato paste-based orange borscht and the green borscht (sorrel soup).

jhfsia, At least you posted the soup recipe in the right place, not under “Mixed Drinks”