Potatoe Bravas Spanish Tapa


I’m new here. I wanted to post this in the International section however there is no category for Spanish Food. Mexican is quiet different, so I’ll post it here! Enjoy and great community!

Potatoe Bravas


2 or 3 potatoes
Oil to fry
3 medium full-grown tomatoes
1 tsp. of spicy ground red pepper
1 tsp. of flour


Peel the potatoes and cut them into small pieces, then fry, on a low heat. Once cooked, drain the potatoes.
Make the tomato sauce: Add a spoon of oil to the pan and then fry the deseeded and peeled tomatoes, smashing it. When cooked, add a few drops of vinegar, a teaspoon of flour and another teaspoon of spicy ground pepper and stir well to mix everything. Season and pour over the potatoes.