potatoes augraten

4-6 potatoes depending on size
10 oz extra sharp cheese (vermont is the best) I use more to make it really cheezy
salt and pepper

in a microwave dish or oven proof dish melt 2 tbls butter
to this add flour to make a paste
add apx 1 cup milk
put in microwave for apx 4 minutes on high be sure and watch so it does not overflow and stir after 4 minutes or sooner. Continue cooking until milk thickens

peel and slice potatoes I prefer to use my cheese shredder or food processer. Be sure and rinse in cold water

when milk is thickened and hot add apx 1 cup shredded cheese and stir until cheese is melted toss with potatoes and place in oven proof dish
mix with rest of cheese and mix well. you can top with more cheese if you like
salt and pepper top

I like to microwave mine for ten to 20 minutes or until edge start to turn brown this speeds up cooking time and the crust gets really crispy

cook in oven at 400 until top is brown and bubbly apx 45 minutes to an hour depending on how you cooked it first.

great with ham or bbq ribs or chicken