Pressure canning

i was just wondering if anyone pressure cans on this site, it is not very popular, i am interested in preserving jams, salsa, chili, and baked molasses beans, i attempted my beans on saturday, hubby just tried them, they seem to be burnt, they are definitely darker than normal, and the canner was at 250 instead of 240, could not get it down in temperature quick enough, and maybe i should not have cooked them fully as they do go in the pressure canner for 80 mins, which i am sure they cook more there as well, any input would be much appreciated.


Well, the first thing is you do not use a Pressure Canner for preserving jams or salsas. I would encourage you to purchase an instructional book such as the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving.

i dont pressure can jams and salsas, no need to, i was just listing what i have an interest in preserving, the beans are done in a pressure canner and that is what i screwed up, and in all my books i have there is no where that they talk about this problem


What recipe did you follow? Was it anything close to this one:

National Center for Home Food Preservation | How Do I? Can Vegetables

basically the same as the molasses sauce one, and my time was 80 mins, so that was more, the only difference is i dont put meat in mine so i dont think my time would have to be so high but i could not find a recipe that was specified with one without meat

Kitchen Witch, that link was not for mollasses beans without meat, i wonder what sort of differences i would have to do to sterilize them and can them properly.